File Naming

Do you often get thrown for a loop on how to name files, so you can easily find the information you need quickly and easily?

I have spent a number of years starting, cleaning up, and maintaining file systems in various office settings. My work in the ship-building and ship repair industry required a very special style of file-set up and maintenance in comparison to what I did for the tribal housing authority. The shipyard required electronic files mostly, but it wasn’t without a ginormous paper filing system. Most of the documents I was responsible for maintaining were for a Navy funded project so, every single piece of paper had to be accounted for and logged in a special spreadsheet.

Time sheets were stored by month in accounting file folders with metal tabs. They were not held onto electronically in my file system, however I am certain that payroll maintained an electronic file of them.

Any sub-recipient agreements were stored in binders labelled by Subcontractor name and in order by date.

Drawings were stored in long 11 x 17 brown file folders with metal tabs by groups; 100 for Structural and in numerical order within the 100’s. The 200 for Electrical in numerical order within the 200’s on up through the 800’s and so forth. Within each group of drawings was the most recent revision at the very beginning of each section.

This ensure when anyone needed to come into the office to review drawings, they were most certainly looking at the most recent revision.

In tribal housing, we also used similar files that were 3 to 5 group which have 3 to 5 label tabs/sections and each section had metal tabs at the top for two-hole punches and storing of documents related to tenant files. Rent payments and billing statements went together, Lease Agreements, Policies and Procedures, Rent Adjustments went together, Initial application and back-up documentation (income, I.D.’s, tribal enrollment, etc.) went together, and any work orders and associated documents (invoices, payments on invoices, etc) went together in order. These files also had to be uploaded in the Housing Data System (HDS) software program under the clients name and in a named file in the housings main drive. The documents had to be named accordingly (Last Name, First Name – Housing Location Address & Unit# and Move-in Date).

Setting up files can be daunting, but you can find easy ways to get started. I typically like to have files by Vendor name in alphabetical order, or if by client name I do Last Name, First Name and if you need a date use this format MM/DD/YYYY.

If you need tips or tricks on how to do this, email me I’ll be happy give you some help!


Happy Filing!


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